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Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside

Author: Gloria Burgess
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Genre: Personal Growth / Spirituality
ISBN: 978-0470241837
Pages: 256
Price: $16.95

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Have you ever thought about the life you’re living, and what kind of impact you’re having on the people around you? You may know you want to leave a positive legacy, but don’t know exactly how to make the changes you need. Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside can offer some suggestions to guide you.

Dr. Gloria J. Burgess has determined that there are Seven Sacred Promises of legacy living. These are: gratitude, faith, love, vision, integrity, creative action, and legacy.

Through the examples of others who have followed her guidance, Burgess shows the reader how these women aligned their lives with their soul purpose. As they learned to wear their souls on the outside, they connected with their living legacy and are now contributing to the greater good in society.

Exercises are provided in this helpful book, and the reader is encouraged to keep a notebook to explore feelings and record the answers that are uncovered. Although it’s tempting to expect easy solutions, the process of creating your living legacy isn’t always a straightforward process, and it may take years. But the journey will be well worth the rewards.

Reviewer: Alice Berger