children, holiday

Secrets of a Christmas Box

Author: Steven Hornby
Publisher: Ecky Thump Books
Genre: Children / Christmas
ISBN: 978-0-9815883-0-8
Pages: 248
Price: $18.95

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It’s Christmas Eve, and the family has pulled out the Christmas Box to decorate the tree. They string the lights and strategically place their ornaments on the branches, before celebrating the magical evening. But what happens once they turn in for the night?

As the family sleeps, awaiting Santa’s arrival, the tree-dwellers come awake and have their own celebration. After a year in the Christmas Box, they’re eager to enjoy each other’s company and snack on pine needles. But not all tree-dwellers rejoin the tree every year, which leads Larry, Debbie, Tinsel, and newcomer, Splint, on a journey to find the Christmas Box for some answers.

Not all is well in the land of tree-dwellers, and there is malice among the revelry. Will this brave foursome find out what’s going on, and will they make it back to the tree in time to join the others for the big sleep?

Secrets of a Christmas Box is a fun holiday tale, with romance, intrigue, friendship and adventure. Although there are some sad moments, all ends well as the tree-dwellers finally find safety. Reading this unique Christmas story every year may well become a new family tradition.

Reviewer: Alice Berger