The Little General and the Giant Snowflake

Author: Mattea Harvey
Illustrator: Elizabeth Zechel
Publisher: Tin House Books
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9820539-1-1
Pages: 64
Price: $10.95

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The Little General lives in an orderly, general-like world. He counts out his peas into neat rows, lines up his hedges, and doesn’t believe in the imagination. But as his troop practices battle formations, the troop across the way plays with imaginary animals, not even bothering with tactics and strategies.

One day a mysterious giant snowflake appears to the Little General. No one else can see it, or so he thinks. He tries to ignore it, but it’s just too powerful. His life starts to change, as his dreams become colorful and fanciful. What mysterious power does this giant snowflake have over him?

The Little General doesn’t know that one of his soldiers also sees the snowflake and knows the proper way to handle it. And the answer is a lot more simple and fun than he could ever imagine.

In The Little General and the Giant Snowflake, Mattea Harvey has written a delightful story about a very orderly little man who needs to lighten up. Dreams, snowflakes and lemmings dance throughout this story, creating wonderful word pictures, and the pencil drawings add charm to this enjoyable tale. I highly recommend this darling little book.

Reviewer: Alice Berger