The Fun Minute Manager

Author: Bob Pike, Robert C. Ford & John W. Newstrom
Publisher: Creative Training Techniques Press
Genre: Business / Management / Human Resources Development
ISBN: 978-1-935291-04-6
Pages: 107
Price: $21.95

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Are you having fun at work? Many people could probably say they like their work and get along with their coworkers. But fun? Work isn’t supposed to be fun. Well, not according to Bob Pike.

Following the format of the popular One Minute Manager, Pike takes us through the thought processes of a manager who comes to believe work can be fun. In this fictional story, Bob listens to an inspirational speaker on the subject of fun in the workplace. Then he meets with several other managers who share their experiences and knowledge of how to implement fun practices.

Besides the obvious benefits of just being happier coming to work, fun, if structured properly, can also benefit the company. But as Bob found out, fun has to be handled in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone and also doesn’t hurt the corporate image.

Especially now, when economic times are tough, fun in the workplace can really make a big difference to employees’ states of mind. If you’ve ever thought about bringing more laughter, joy and happiness to your office, The Fun Minute Manager will be a terrific guide. Work doesn’t have to be a drudge – it can be fun, too.

Reviewer: Alice Berger