Color Is Everything

Author: Dan Bartges
Publisher: The Oaklea Press
Genre: Art: Techniques / Painting
ISBN: 978-1-892538-36-9
Pages: 96
Price: $14.99

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Sometimes the biggest difference between a mediocre painting and a truly spectacular one is the artist’s choice of color. In Color Is Everything, Dan Bartges demystifies this important technique, and shows us how to choose a color scheme for our paintings.

Working with a basic color wheel, he shows us how to use it to maximum advantage. Whether we decide on an analogous, split complementary, tetrad, or another specified combination, we can be sure we’ve chosen the right colors if we follow his simple directions.

Once Bartges explains these combinations, he then shows us how master painters used them in their own creations. We’re then encouraged to try to replicate their results, so we can develop this color sense for ourselves.

If you’re interested in creating master works of art, and you’ve never explored the use of color, you will find this book a valuable tool. I’d also highly recommend it for anyone who wants to be sure they choose the most appealing colors for anything from painting the living room to crafting a bedroom quilt. These techniques will ensure your color scheme is the best it can be.

Reviewer: Alice Berger