World War II

Author: Stuart A.P. Murray
Publisher: Hammond Undercover
Genre: History
ISBN: 978-0841-610934
Pages: 72
Price: $13.99

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In 1938, Germany invaded Poland, and Britain and France declared war. But in the 7 years that followed, World War II became a truly global affair, as Japan, South Africa, and the Middle East, as well as the United States, became involved in Europe and the Far East.

Taking us through the chronological events of these years with photographs, Hammond Undercover’s World War II is surprisingly easy to read for a war history book. Side trips explain Hitler’s rise to power, the help of the Red Cross and advanced medical care, and how women became more liberated in the workforce as a result of their wartime efforts.

The horrors of concentration camps and the dropping of the atomic bombs are also described, though not in graphic detail, but no one who reads this book can come away unchanged by how deadly a war of this magnitude was. World War II is a great illustrated summary of the events of this war, suitable for any history buff or library collection.

Reviewer: Alice Berger