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Snow Valley Heroes

A Christmas Tale (Planet of the Dogs Vol. 3)
Author: Robert J. McCarty
Illustrator: Stella Mustanoja McCarty
Publisher: Barking Planet Productions
Genre: Children / Dogs / Christmas
ISBN: 978-0-9786928-2-7
Pages: 81
Price: $14.95

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The King of the North has decided to put an end to Christmas, so he hatches a plot against Santa and the elves to be sure no one will ever celebrate again. But he doesn’t count on the Planet of the Dogs coming to Santa’s aid.

When word reaches the dogs that Christmas is in jeopardy, they come back to earth to join the two human children they’ve worked with in the past. Executing a daring plot to infiltrate the Ice Castle, they wreak havoc on the King and his men. But will they be successful?

In this third volume of the Planet of the Dogs series, readers are once again treated to the kindness and cooperation these dogs embrace as part of their very nature. Not only do they save Christmas, but they also teach the King of the North an important lesson he’ll never forget. Written in folk style and illustrated in beautiful pencil drawings, Snow Valley Heroes is a charming and heart-warming Christmas tale.

Reviewer: Alice Berger