The Bobcat

Author: Katherine Forbes Riley
Publisher: Arcade
Genre: Literary fiction
ISBN: 978-1-948924-09-2
Pages: 212
Price: $22.99

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Laurelie has found refuge at a small college in Vermont after experiencing a fraternity rape. As an art student, she turns to her work to help her make sense of what happened to her, drawing the feelings she can’t express outwardly. While she’s living in a rented cottage, she discovers a hiker who is tracking an injured, pregnant bobcat and providing her with food.

The hiker is a kindred spirit who seems to enjoy living on the fringes, as she does. As they get to know each other, Laurelie begins to test her ability to be present in a normal dating relationship, even though she feels so broken inside. The hiker also appears to harbor secrets, and he opens his heart to her slowly.

The Bobcat is told through Laurelie’s eyes, as she explores how she’s feeling and experiencing life. Full of imagery, it parallels her own artistic creations. The reader will appreciate how Laurelie begins to find closure and moves forward after feeling helpless and held back by the circumstances of her past.

Reviewer: Alice Berger