Author: Hugh Halter
Publisher: David C. Cook
Genre: Christian
ISBN: 978-1-4347-0653-9
Pages: 192
Price: $15.99

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How many times a day do you find yourself judging others? If you’re being as honest as Hugh Halter, it’s enough to be embarrassed about and to want to change. But doesn’t the Bible hold us accountable to point out others’ sins? Why should we keep silent when people do things that we perceive to be wrong?

As the text opens, Halter presents the following scenario: “In a small town there is only one bakery. Jesus is the baker. Two gay men walk in and ask Him to bake a cake for their wedding. Would Jesus bake the cake?” Throughout this book, Halter makes reference to the current controversy over same-sex marriage and the Christian response to this dilemma. But he takes this question much deeper when he explores the various ways Christians and the Church judge others and why we need to stop.

Jesus was the ultimate example of holy non-judgment. In Brimstone, Halter reminds us of our primary role of leading others to Jesus through our loving actions. If we study the gospels, we see that Jesus drew people to Him by the way He cared deeply about them and their problems. Studying this book will help Christians to emulate Jesus. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger