mystery, thriller

Moscow Bound

Moscow Bound
Author: Adrian Churchward
Publisher: Silverwood Books
Genre: Mystery / Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-78132-200-0
Pages: 336
Price: $16.99

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Scott Mitchell is an English human rights attorney living in Russia. When wealthy Ekaterina Romanova seeks his assistance in finding her missing father – a man she believes is being held against his will – Scott’s interest is piqued. But Ekaterina refuses to fully cooperate with him and withholds information he needs to help her in her quest.

After placing themselves at the site of a gruesome murder, Scott and Ekaterina find themselves dodging General Pravda, who is intent on discovering their motives. Pleading client confidentiality only goes so far in Russia, and Scott knows he could face a prison sentence. But when they uncover a highly confidential document, they suddenly find their lives in danger. Scott is determined to help Ekaterina find her father, no matter what it takes.

It’s evident that author Adrian Churchward is highly knowledgeable about Russian government actions, given the complexities of intrigue in this plot. The story is fast-paced and compelling, if at times a bit confusing to the average reader. Moscow Bound is the first book in The Puppet Meisters trilogy, and I look forward to seeing more in this series.

Reviewer: Alice Berger