Christian, memoir

Learning to Breathe Again

Learning to Breathe Again
Author: Tammy Trent
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Memoir / Christian
ISBN: 0-8499-0954-6
Pages: 240
Price: $13.99

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Tammy Hill met Trent Lenderink when they were both fifteen. Although they went through the normal teenage and young adult turbulent years, they finally married. Life was good as Tammy followed her calling into the world of Christian music with Trent at her side. But God’s plans are often very different from our own, and Tammy never thought her world would come crashing down around her only eighteen years after meeting Trent.

Learning to Breathe Again is Tammy and Trent’s love story, detailing their relationship from its early years until Trent’s diving accident in Jamaica. She also shares her joys and struggles in the Christian music industry.

Tammy Trent is amazingly honest in this touching memoir. Putting her husband on a pedestal at times, she shares her own shortcomings and weaknesses in their relationship. But most of all, she shares her vulnerability, faith and deep love of God with us. I highly recommend Learning to Breathe Again.

Reviewer: Alice Berger