Fishy World

Fishy World
Author & Illustrator: Carolyn Ortiz
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Children
ISBN: 9781481225878
Pages: 24
Price: $8.50

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Gabriel, the silver angelfish, believes there is something bigger than his fishy world. As he explores his surroundings, he talks endlessly with his friends about his thoughts on this subject.

Gabriel’s beliefs are confirmed when he comes face to face with the enormous kissing fish, as he does every day. And as a little girl looks up at the stars, she also believes, as Gabriel does, that there must be something bigger out there.

Fishy World is a gentle reminder to kids that something much bigger than we are is watching out for us. Although we don’t meet him directly in this story, it’s obvious that this is God. This cute story would be a great opening to bedtime discussions about God’s constant love and care.

Reviewer: Alice Berger