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Do You Know a Cat Like That?

Do You Know a Cat Like That
Author: Art Garmissie
Illustrator: Carol Newsom
Publisher: FastPencil
Genre: Children / Cats
Pages: 40
Price: $16.95

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One day, a man rescues a kitten he names Moochee. In Do You Know a Cat Like That?, we see some of Moochee’s antics from her own perspective, after she moves into the household. Rolling around inside cardboard mail tubes, jumping from kitchen cabinets, and taking a bath, Moochee lets us know how she feels about her actions.

The illustrations of this adorable feline will make the reader smile, and her thoughts are comical and sweet. Moochee definitely has her own personality, as do most cats! This cute book would be a great addition to any cat lover’s library.

Reviewer: Alice Berger