Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child

Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child
Author: Maria T. Lennon
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Young adult
ISBN: 978-0-06-212690-0
Pages: 288
Price: $16.99

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Charlie Cooper is trying to start over in her new school. After a horrible incident she admits complete guilt for, she’s forced to go to counseling and reform her ways. But her shrink has given an impossible command. In order to stop seeing him, she must become friends with the most bullied girl in the school – Marta the Farta.

Charlie would much prefer hanging out with Trixie, the cool girl who shares some of her interests. But Trixie wants to join gymnastics, and would do anything to make the team – even sabotage Marta, who has the same goal. Trixie knows about Charlie’s past, and is not above using blackmail to achieve her ends.

In Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child, the reader comes face to face with twelve year-old mean girls. But Charlie isn’t really a bully at heart – she has a soft spot, and comes to really like Marta and want to help her out. Cruel actions come to light, and the good girls win in the end. I highly recommend this engaging and fun read.

Reviewer: Alice Berger