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Green Pieces: Green From the Pond Up

Author & Illustrator: Drew Aquilina
Publisher: Mariposa Press
Genre: Cartoon / Nature
ISBN: 978-0966689976
Pages: 197
Price $19.99

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Iggy: a turtle who suffers from claustrophobia
Radic: a dragonfly who likes to “bug” everyone, especially Iggy
Cabby: a frog with short legs and an overly enhanced brain
Roc: a rogue raccoon who always seems to find the trash

Green Pieces: The cartoon which somehow manages to bring these odd characters together, while also promoting care for the environment.

This comic strip takes a funny look at life at the pond, from the perspective of these four zany characters. Problems like turtle salmonella, a cartoon lawsuit demanding that these cartoon animals wear pants, and worries about how to survive hibernation keep them all busy. But ultimately preserving their little home is the most important thing to worry about, and they don’t take environmental issues lightly.

Green Pieces is a humorous look at life at the pond through the eyes of those who live there year-round. The pictures are well-drawn, and the clever plot lines keep the reader entertained, while often laughing out loud at some of these characters’ antics. I highly recommend this environmentally friendly cartoon book.

Reviewer: Alice Berger