Meet the Malamites

Author: Jeffery Richards
Illustrator: Max Stasuyk
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-4269-0597-1
Pages: 24
Price: $12.95

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The Malamites love to spend time together having fun, and there’s no better time to do this than on Family Day. King Monty and his son, Prince Marvin, spend the day visiting the sites on their hovercrafts, until they have an unexpected accident. They then travel with the speedy Snorse Malamites by land.

As they explore this beautiful countryside, they meet friends along the way. Drimble, the Trundle Malamite takes their hovercrafts for a tow. Huggy, the Shnapple Malamite says hello. And Brita the Gooba Malamite gives them treats.

Their travels are illustrated in bright candy-colored illustrations, demonstrating the rainbow goodness of this planet. Nothing goes wrong, everyone is kind to one another, and happiness abounds.

Meet the Malamites is sweet, wholesome fun. Although this story is pure fantasy, it’s great for kids to simply imagine life in all its perfection as these folks celebrate their Family Day.

Reviewer: Alice Berger