A Boy Born From Mold and Other Delectable Morsels

Author: Lorin Morgan-Richards
Publisher: A Raven Above Press
Genre: Literary
ISBN: 978-0-615-35964-9
Pages: 75
Price: $20.00

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A boy comes to life, mysteriously born from some mold in an old quilt in the basement. Watching the family from a distance, he comes to think his name is Ruin (or Rune proper), and stays in hiding until a tornado forces him out.

A vampire named Zoog is allergic to blood. Fearing his parents’ displeasure, he drinks it anyway, with terrible gastronomical results. A woman feeds her 100 cats on a strict schedule and a precise diet, until one day she runs out of cheese. And a strange little man is mistaken for a garden gnome.

A Boy Born From Mold is an unusual look at some of the stranger things in life. Printed using soft acid free blue linen paper and faux leather, this book is completely handmade by the author.

In a style reminiscent of Edward Gorey, Lorin Morgan-Richards presents these gloomy tales of dark humor. They serve as a reminder that no matter how bad our lives may seem, they’re nowhere near as bad as they could be. At least we can still laugh at the absurdities of life.

Reviewer: Alice Berger