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Hammond Student Notebook Atlas

Publisher: Hammond
Genre: Atlas
ISBN: 978-0843-714838
Pages: 32
Price: $3.99

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Any serious social studies student needs a reliable map of the world. Hammond has updated their student notebook atlas as of 2010, to reflect the current global landscape.

This handy reference atlas is bound and hole-punched to fit a 3-ring binder, making it easy and light-weight for students to carry with them to class. It includes pictures of the flags of the nations as well as an index of the major cities. Maps are drawn in varying magnitudes and sizes to reflect different degrees of detail.  The United States is shown by itself on a two-page spread.

Once again, Hammond has demonstrated why they’re the leader in maps and atlases.   The convenience, quality and price can’t be beat, and I highly recommend this notebook atlas for all students.

Reviewer: Alice Berger