birds, tween

Love Lessons On Bird Beach

Author: Cora Kerr
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Genre: Tween / Birds
ISBN: 978-1-60860-713-6
Pages: 88
Price: $26.50

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Franny and Beth are spending the summer at a beach in Mexico. But they have no idea that they’ll also be spending time with some seagulls and pelicans that need their help.

These injured and sick birds seem to find the girls, and one by one, they are brought back to health. But Franny and Beth never know if their efforts will be successful. And as they learn about helping the birds, they also learn to relate better to each other and the boys they meet on the beach.

As an animal lover, myself, I enjoyed reading Love Lessons on Bird Beach. It was great to see these two young girls take such an interest in saving the birds, no matter what sacrifices they needed to make. And the relationship between Franny and Beth is normal and natural, as they bicker one minute, and then become best friends again. But I was surprised by the girls’ use of the Lord’s name in a way Christians find derogatory. Other than that, this is a fun summer read.

Reviewer: Alice Berger