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Hammond Scholastic New Headline World Atlas

Publisher: Hammond
Genre: Atlas
ISBN: 978-0841-669420
Pages: 52
Price: $6.99

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Any serious social studies student needs a reliable map of the world. Hammond has updated their classroom world atlas as of 2010, to reflect the current global landscape.

This atlas includes pictures of the flags of the nations as well as an index of the major cities. Maps are shown in varying magnitudes and sizes to reflect different degrees of detail. Information on topography, population distribution, land use and mineral resources are provided by continent. But due to size constraints, these informational maps are general in nature, and can’t show the exact locations for some of these features.

The size and price of this atlas makes it an attractive addition to a classroom, since many hands may touch it over the course of the year. But unlike in the Hammond Student Notebook Atlas, the countries are outlined in color, not filled in, which makes it a little harder to distinguish them in more congested areas. Overall, this atlas is a good value and I recommend it for all students and classrooms.

Reviewer: Alice Berger