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Monkey Magic: The Curse of Mukada

Author: Grant S. Clark
Publisher: Monsoon Books
Genre: Tween / Adventure
ISBN: 978-981-08-1077-1
Pages: 120
Price: $7.95

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Orangutans of the Mukada Nature Reserve are getting sick and heading to the coast. But what’s causing this unusual phenomenon? Is it overpopulation, as suggested by the park warden? Romy and her scientist father plan a visit to investigate, since something doesn’t feel quite right.

Soon after their arrival, Romy hears of the curse of Mukada – and she also discovers Monkey Magic. This magic helps her to communicate with the orangutans, with surprising results. Armed with new information, she and her father are able to solve the mystery and save the orangutans.

Monkey Magic: The Curse of Mukada also provides facts about orangutans, and how their habitats are being threatened by human encroachment. This delightful, magical tale shows us how greed can harm wildlife, and why we need to take immediate action to try to stop it. I highly recommend this enjoyable story with a great environmental message.

Reviewer: Alice Berger