Christian, memoir

Saved By Her Enemy

Author: Don Teague and Rafraf Barrak
Publisher: Howard Books
Genre: Memoir
ISBN: 978-1-4391-5910-1
Pages: 321
Price: $24.99

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Don Teague, former news correspondent for NBC, was sent to Kuwait, just after 9-11. In his first visit, he spent several months traveling in and out of Iraq, reporting on items of interest. When he reached the end of his tenure there, he returned home, happy to be alive. But NBC still needed him to go back, and this time it would be to Baghdad.

Rafraf Barrak grew up in Baghdad with a strong nationalistic pride in her country, and a respectful fear of Saddam Hussein. She despised the Americans who had invaded, and thought they humiliated Iraq. But Rafraf spoke very good English, and she decided to put aside her prejudices and take a job as translator for NBC, when she was offered it. But then she found herself a target when Iraqi insurgents determined she was working for the enemy.

After one incident where both Don and Rafraf were nearly killed in a school explosion, Don decided he needed to get Rafraf out of Iraq. But this would prove more challenging than he initially expected, and keeping her in America would be even more difficult. But would Rafraf adjust to life in the US after so many years of repression in Iraq?

In Saved By Her Enemy, Don Teague and Rafraf Barrak tell their stories. Rafraf shares her experiences in Iraq, leading up to her decision to come to America, and how she ultimately converts to Christianity. Don explains how he knew God led him back to Iraq on that second tour of duty with NBC for the sole purpose of rescuing Rafraf and bringing her home with him.

Both Don and Rafraf are wonderful story tellers, and the backdrop of violence and fear in Iraq come alive for the reader. It’s easy to understand why Don felt protective of this intelligent and unique Iraqi woman, and why he would be willing to put himself out to ensure her survival. And Rafraf is strong and courageous in the face of unknown terrors.

We may never know what good things God has planned for our lives, when we leave ourselves open to His leading. Don followed the direction he knew he had been given, and was able to save Rafraf – both in body and soul. If you’re looking for an inspirational read with a great message and a happy ending, I highly recommend Saved By Her Enemy.

Reviewer: Alice Berger