The Forever Friends Club

Author: Sue Gainor & Sarah P. Gibson
Illustrator: Miranda R. Mueller
Publisher: DRT Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1933084-02-2
Pages: 48
Price: $12.95

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Sam is thrilled when three new kids move to his street. Madison, Nick, and Isabel all become fast friends, and the four play together every afternoon. But one day Sam’s new friends decide to form a club – the adopted club.

Only trouble is, Sam is the only one who wasn’t adopted. He lives with his birth parents, and he feels left out of the club. But Madison, Nick and Isabel have a plan for Sam – a plan to adopt him as a member.

In The Forever Friends Club, Sue Gainor and Sarah P. Gibson offer a new twist on adoption. Sometimes adopted kids can feel awkward around kids who live with their birth parents, but in this story, Sam is the one who feels like he doesn’t belong. As family structures change and evolve, it’s important for all children to feel accepted. And in this story, being adopted – by their parents and by each other – is what makes them all special.

Reviewer: Alice Berger