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Wake Up!

Author: Michelle Pearl
Publisher: Imperfect Fitness
Genre: Fitness / Health
ISBN: 978-0-557-27290-7
Pages: 124
Price: $14.95

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How many of us join a gym in the hopes of acquiring six-pack abs and losing the cellulite? We see the ads that tell us in only 30 minutes a day, we can look just like the model pictured. But is it really possible for us to have a perfect body or are we fooling ourselves?

Michelle Pearl provides a sensible look at exercise and weight loss in Wake Up! Subtitled You’re probably never going to look like that; How to be happier, healthier and imperfectly fit, this book is a realistic look at what we can achieve if we work out consistently.

Pearl knows what it’s like to be seriously obese, since she’s battled her weight since childhood. But after gaining and losing the same pounds, she developed a method that worked for her in keeping them off. Not perfectly, of course, but good enough. And she provides her insights on how you can develop your own plan.

If your goal in achieving fitness is the perfect body, don’t bother reading this book. But if you really just want to be healthy, have more energy, and look good at a reasonable size for your height, her encouraging words may be just what you need. Use diet and exercise for the right reasons, and lose the image of perfection you’ve been chasing. You’ll be much happier in the long run.

Reviewer: Alice Berger