Princesses of the World

Author: Katell Goyer
Illustrator: Misstigri
Publisher: Hammond World Atlas
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0843-714456
Pages: 30
Price: $17.99

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Little girls will always be fascinated with tales of princesses and “happily ever after” marriages. In this collection, Katell Goyer tells of princesses from around the world, and how they find and marry their princes.

These exotic tales include the legendary Persian princess, Scheherazade, along with Natasha, the Russian princess, Sanyogita, the Indian princess, and many others. Misstigri’s rich illustrations in the vibrant colors of these distant lands bring these beautiful stories to life, as they enchant and entertain the reader.

Clever, resourceful, and determined to get what they want, these princesses are not just pretty faces. And when they do marry their princes, they’re wise enough to realize they’ve finally earned their happy ending. Little girls grow up so quickly, and one day they’ll have to face the fact that life isn’t as simple as these charming tales suggest. But for now, they can still dream of their own “happily ever after” with Princesses of the World.

Reviewer: Alice Berger