children, fantasy

Quasar and the Eye of the Serpent

Author: T.K. Reed
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-4401-2751-9
Pages: 166
Price: $11.95

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Mathew and Sue are playing in the forest when a strange man approaches. When he begs them to come with him to help save the Great Wolf, Quasar, they are quick to agree. Now they have only twenty-four hours to collect the things he needs to break an evil spell.

Accompanied by Sir Wilfred, the man from the forest, the children visit magical places and solve puzzles to retrieve the necessary items. But they have no idea what form of chaos the breaking of the spell might bring.

Mathew and Sue are kind children, willing to help out a being in need. But I never felt a real kinship with them, since their personalities were not fully revealed. They seemed to solve the riddles a little too easily, going quickly from one puzzle to the next.

I would have preferred a little more information early on about Mathew and Sue’s family life. Although the author jumps right into the plot, I would have understood their mother’s absence a little better had this been explained earlier in the story. I also found the presence of the “revolutionaries” confusing.

Troll-speak and the various creatures they encounter give Quasar and the Eye of the Serpent a magical feel, as does the glowing orb that becomes an important part of their quest. But a little more character development would enhance this fantasy.

Reviewer: Alice Berger