In Search of Happiness

Author: Juliette Saumande
Illustrator: Eric Puybaret
Publisher: Hammond
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0841-671416
Pages: 34
Price: $14.99

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In the land of Prudence, people are never unhappy. Rather than risk something bad happening, they simply never try anything new. But Alexander still isn’t happy. When the magical bird, Paradiso, tells him about a Land of Happiness, Alexander immediately follows after him.

Over the next year, Alexander explores places he’s never dreamed about. Places where he can have good and bad sweets, where all his wishes are answered, and where he can play and get bruised and meet lots of interesting new people. Alexander is finally living a complete life.

But one thing is missing. Alexander wishes his grandfather was with him, and he sends him lots of postcards about his adventures. He hopes maybe someday Grandpa will accompany him on his visit to the Land of Happiness.

What child can resist the lure of happiness, when everything seems so hum-drum? But all adventures lose their appeal when we realize the important people in our lives haven’t come along with us.

Alexander’s magical journey comes alive in oversize scenes by award-winning artist, Eric Puybaret. In Search of Happiness will bring joy to all who read it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger