science-fiction, teen, tween

SpaceCoyotes and the Secret of the Blue Planet

Author: Paul Fredrics
Publisher: Matador
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-1906510-374
Pages: 344
Price: £13.99 (import)

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Forty years ago, an Anilar expedition to the Blue Planet (Earth) failed. Had this been any ordinary mission, fourteen year-old JoJo would never have given it a second thought. But one of the men on the spaceship was her grandfather, and she is now being denied her dream of becoming a SpaceCoyote because of him.

Jimmy Green’s rock band, Applejuice, was destined for greatness, until their lead singer unexpectedly moved out of the country. Now Jimmy is forced to endure Apple Valley’s spoiled darling’s attempts to sing, while his band grimaces in pain.

JoJo convinces her little brother 2B to come with her on a clandestine visit to the Blue Planet, but suddenly finds her ship crash-landed on its surface. All she wants to do is get home, and Jimmy’s band may well be the answer to her problem. But Jimmy may have more answers than either of them could ever expect.

JoJo’s spunk and determination to try to clear her grandfather’s name are admirable. Whether it’s hacking into top secret computer databases, stealing a spaceship, or fighting off evil grommets and CoyoteBots, nothing will stop her from succeeding at her mission. And Jimmy’s extraordinarily compassionate and helpful nature finally prove to JoJo that Earth isn’t the evil place she’s been led to believe it is.

SpaceCoyotes and the Secret of the Blue Planet is a fast-moving adventure through time and space. In a situation where nothing is as it seems, it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad. I highly recommend this enjoyable science fiction story.

Reviewer: Alice Berger