mystery, sports

Dead Ball

Author: Michael Balkind
Publisher: Pero Thrillers
Genre: Mystery / Sports
ISBN: 1-56315-453-6
Pages: 218
Price: $14.95

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Reid Clark is once again caught in the middle of an investigation, but this time his partner and good friend, Bob Thomas, is dead. He calls in Jay Scott and his team, knowing these guys are the best, and they’ll be sure to find Bob’s killer.

As CFO of AllSport, the non-profit training facility for underprivileged athletes, Bob needed to keep an eye on an accounting department that processes a high volume of donations. But Bob recently had a fight with the auditors who monitor things, and a few other suspects come to light. Dead Ball takes place two years after the events of Sudden Death, and Reid thinks that maybe someone from his past wants to get to him by killing Bob.

Jay’s investigation sends his men into some dangerous places, but they manage to come out alive. And finally, at the end, the killer is brought to justice. The action is fast-paced, as they follow leads, but some of the scenarios felt false, and I wondered if gangs or the mafia would act as Balkind suggests. And while the final clue pointed directly to the killer, I also found it unlikely that a non-profit facility would take the measures needed for such a clue to come to light.

Reviewer: Alice Berger