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Radiant Health, Inner Wealth

Author: Quintessence C. Challis
Publisher: Quintessential Health Publishing
Genre: Cooking / Health
ISBN: 978-0-615-25439-5
Pages: 284
Price: $24.99

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Creating a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise is one of our biggest challenges, as we face more and more unhealthy choices. While many of us have never even considered becoming vegan, this diet is surprisingly versatile and healthy. In Radiant Health, Inner Wealth, Quintessence C. Challis has put together a plan to not only please our palates, but also to increase wellness.

The introductory section of this delightful cookbook explains how going vegan can help heal certain ailments. Along with this dietary shift, lifestyle adjustments are also suggested, using a holistic approach to create vibrant health.

But if you thought being a vegan meant eating lots of tofu and fake meats, you’re in for a surprise! Although tofu shows up occasionally, it’s not the major ingredient in these yummy recipes. Instead, Challis shows us how to use fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans, along with a delicious array of spices, to cook with.

I’ve tried several of these delectable dishes, and although I haven’t converted to veganism yet, it holds far more appeal now than it ever did, and I can’t wait to try the rest. If you’re looking for tasty and healthy meals, whether or not you’re a vegan, you’ll enjoy these yummy recipes. I highly recommend this wonderful cookbook.

Reviewer: Alice Berger