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HealthMinder Personal Wellness Journal

Author: F.E. Wilkins
Publisher: MemoryMinder Journals
Genre: Journal
ISBN: 978-0963796875
Pages: 224
Price: $14.95

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Sometimes health issues can be a puzzle. Are you allergic to a particular food? Need to stop taking an over-the-counter remedy that seems to be causing side effects? Are there sleep patterns you need to track? Monitoring these and many other concerns can be difficult, unless you have a system. That’s where HealthMinder Journal can help.

Each journal entry includes space for information on weather conditions, your vital statistics, any drugs or vitamins taken, physical activity, and food you ate. Plus you can record pain and other discomfort you’re feeling that day, rating it on a scale of 1 to 5.

The journal pages are of high-quality paper, with a spiral binding and sturdy cover. An introductory section explains how to use this journal for maximum effectiveness. And the last section allows you to record your medical history, as well as organizing all your doctor and insurance information in one place for easy reference.

Don’t monitor your health concerns alone. Use the HealthMinder Journal to assist you on your journey back to good health.

Reviewer: Alice Berger