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Katie Caught a Cold

Author: Charlotte Cowan, M.D.
Illustrator: Katy Bratun
Publisher: Hippocratic Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 0-9753516-3-X
Pages: 32
Price: $17.95

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Katie the polar bear is excited to be skating in the Ice Show. But a few days before the big event, she comes down with a cold. She doesn’t have a fever, but she’s sneezing a lot. Will she be better soon so she can skate?

In Katie Caught a Cold, Dr. Cowan shows kids and parents the best way to treat a common cold. She explains why antibiotics are almost always unnecessary and over-the-counter medications don’t help. Her advice for a quick recovery is rest and fluids.

The story is beautifully illustrated by Katy Bratun, and also includes a guide for parents in conquering the common cold. I highly recommend this cute and informative story for all families with young children.

Reviewer: Alice Berger