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My Name Is Chicken Joe

Author: Trout Fishing in America
Illustrator: Stephanie Jorisch
Publisher: Secret Mountain
Genre: Children / Music
ISBN: 978-2-923163-49-9
Pages: 36
Price: $16.95

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When you think of kids’ music, you may think of girls’ high-pitched voices and sappy sweet songs. But Trout Fishing in America, a four-time Grammy-nominated male duo, has other ideas.

The clever and imaginative lyrics in My Name Is Chicken Joe are a delight to hear. “Chunky milk, eyebrow soup, refried snakeskin, fresh baked boot” let us know Why I Pack My Lunch. Songs like Fill It up and It’s a Puzzle are fun twists on the use of words. And all kids can relate to idea of My Best Day.

The musical accompaniment to these wonderful lyrics is just as good. These tunes can be listened to over and over again with pleasure–even by adults.

This package includes the music CD plus lyrics for all songs, along with delightful illustrations by Stephanie Jorisch. If you’re looking for clever and fun music for your kids, I highly recommend Trout Fishing in America’s My Name Is Chicken Joe.

Reviewer: Alice Berger