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Celtic Sacrifice

Author: Sheryl Brennan
Publisher: Underdog Press
Genre: Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-615-25561-3
Pages: 264
Price: $15.99

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Ireland, early 1600’s ~ Ceana knows she comes from a lineage that includes the powerful druid priestess, Una. Prophesy states that Una’s power will return through Ceana, and she is humbled by this duty to her family and clan.

But the goddess speaks in mysterious ways, and Ceana doesn’t know how this prophesy will be fulfilled. Will she marry her clansman Cian, who believes he is the other half of her destiny? Or will the mysterious stranger she meets at the faire play a part? Following the goddess and her duty, Ceana makes the best decisions she can, not knowing what the results of her actions will be.

Ceana is a shining example of one who believes in her higher purpose and is willing to walk by faith alone. Celtic Sacrifice is a magical and beautiful story of a strong woman who is driven by her calling to do what is right, never wavering from that call – even when it requires a sacrifice that goes against her very being.

Book one in a three-book series, Celtic Sacrifice is one of the best novels I’ve read in a long time. I highly recommend this wonderful book, and I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

July 20, 2009 - Posted by | romance

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