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Gassy the Cow

Author: Garth Dahl
Illustrator: Reka Hegedus
Publisher: Modern World Publishing
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-978-2839-2-6
Pages: 32
Price: $11.00

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Gassy only thinks about one thing – food. He has a secret patch of herbs and vegetation that he won’t share with anyone. But eating these fine delicacies tends to leave him bloated and gassy with an obvious tooting problem.

One day Mona shows up on the farm, and Gassy falls in love. His rival, Bruno, catches her fancy, since Gassy can’t stop his smelly toots. Now Gassy needs to come up with a plan to win Mona’s heart.

There were a couple of things that didn’t work for me in this book. I found the illustrations to be odd, since these bovines stand on two feet, and Mona has both an udder and breasts. The author calls them all cows, even though that term usually refers only to the females, and he calls Bruno a heifer, which is a young female. Gassy also thinks he is lactose intolerant, but he has trouble digesting vegetation, not milk.

Gassy the Cow is full of farting humor which is popular with kids, and they will probably giggle over Gassy’s problem. Silly and cute, this romance ends on a happy note.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

May 22, 2009 - Posted by | children

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