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Truth Heals

Author: Deborah King
Publisher: Hay House
Genre: Self-help / Psychology
ISBN: 978-1-4019-2301-3
Pages: 216
Price: $22.95

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Most people don’t want to look very closely at their painful pasts. But they probably don’t realize those memories are still hurting them physically. In Truth Heals, author Deborah King explores how these experiences affect our energy centers and shows us how we can reverse their effects.

Focusing on each chakra (energy center), King shares some of her own childhood traumas and those of her clients. She explains how these might affect a person’s health and emotional state today. Then she provides some thoughts on letting go in order to heal.

The reader doesn’t need to be familiar with chakras in order to benefit from this book. King explains what they are, along with the kinds of illnesses that manifest in each. She encourages those being treated for a specific illness to continue to work with their medical practitioners, while also integrating some emotional work to help the body let go of disease.

Practical, helpful and uplifting, Truth Heals is a reminder that we are all that we put into our bodies – including our thoughts. Since we can change our thinking, we can also help reverse disease in our bodies. Anyone who wants to improve their health will find this book helpful in making positive changes.

Reviewer: Alice Berger