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Santopia – Book One: Santa and the Lost Princess

santopiaAuthor: Sir Nicholas Throckmorton
Publisher: Gramercy Park Press
Genre: Children / Christmas
ISBN: 0981715400
Pages: 116
Price: $12.95

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Far north, in the magical realm of Santopia, the current Santa has a new son. The Wizard issues a prophesy for this new heir to the kingdom, which says baby Nicky will marry the first girl born after him.

But over in the kingdom of Drear, the Countess is nearly about to give birth. After hearing the prophesy, she induces labor and is pleased when her daughter, Dazzle is born. That is, until she learns another couple has also given birth to a daughter, who may have been born before Dazzle.

Upsetting the Countess of Drear is never a good idea, so this poor couple needs to do something quickly before they and their new daughter lose their lives. Escape is dangerous and nearly impossible, and intrigue and treachery abound.

This story is set at Christmas, and is full of colorful holiday imagery. Many of the Santa traditions are included, making the story feel real. But one thing I found a little confusing was the different races at Santopia that all ended in “elves” – Gelves, Trelves, etc.

I enjoyed this story, and found myself cheering for the young couple to save themselves and their daughter. But I have to admit I was a little disappointed in the ending, which left the story at an obvious cliff-hanger. If you love Santa and Christmas, I think you’ll enjoy this fast-paced and fun tale.

Reviewer: Alice Berger