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Tears of Fears Behind Closed Doors

Author: Lyn-Dee Eldridge
Publisher: MasterMind Publishing, LLC
Genre: Self-improvement
ISBN: 978-0-9720941-0-8
Pages: 128
Price: $14.95

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Many women exist in silent desperation in an abusive household. As a survivor of an abusive childhood and marriage, Lyn-Dee Eldridge (or Woobie, as she calls herself) wants to show other women that it’s not only possible to escape from the abuse, but also to go on to live a happy and joyous life.

In Tears of Fears Behind Closed Doors, Woobie tells her story, beginning in childhood when the abuse began. Focusing on the universal aspects of abuse, she doesn’t reveal every aspect of her own experience. Instead she shares the parts that many readers would identify with, including some of the things she did to handle her own situation.

Positive self-talk and personal development are key, according to Woobie. Only by learning to love and respect herself can a woman get up the courage to end the cycle of abuse.

Included along with her inspirational story and helpful advice are numerous resources for women who still find themselves in abusive situations. Legal help, daily exercises, hot-line numbers, and addresses for women’s advocates are provided in the appendix. And the author is available as a speaker to share her story with women’s groups.

Woobie’s message is written in a conversational style, which lends itself to the occasional typo and a bit of rambling. But overall, she shares positive information and a spirit of hope. Tears of Fears Behind Closed Doors would be a great inspiration for a woman who finds herself in an abusive situation.

Reviewer: Alice Berger