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The Moose With Loose Poops

Author: Charlotte Cowan, M.D.
Illustrator: Penelope Neal
Publisher: The Hippocratic Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9753516-5-9
Pages: 32
Price: $17.95

A word from the author
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Miles Moose is excited about his upcoming camping trip with his dad. But then his tummy starts to act funny, with some very unpleasant results. Looks like he’ll be waiting a few days to take his trip so his tummy can get better.

Although the title of this book may cause a few heads to turn, The Moose With Loose Poops was written to help explain gastroenteritis to kids. The first time they experience vomiting or diarrhea, they may become worried. Dr. Cowan wanted to reassure them that this is perfectly normal but uncomfortable tummy behavior when they’re sick. Penelope Neal has created cute illustrations showing us how Miles handles his illness.

The author also includes a guide to gastroenteritis for parents, who may be even more concerned than their kids. It explains home treatment and when to call a doctor if symptoms seem to be getting worse. I highly recommend this cute and informative story for all families with young children.

Reviewer: Alice Berger