Green Goes With Everything

green1Author: Sloan Barnett
Publisher: Atria Books
Genre: House & Home
ISBN: 978-1-4165-7845-1
Pages: 306
Price: $19.95

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As more and more chemical-laden products show up in our homes, many people have questioned how they will affect our bodies. Sloan Barnett learned this firsthand when her son was diagnosed with asthma, mostly due to the use of her own cleaning products. In her quest to keep her home less toxic for her son, she realized others could learn from her experience, and wrote Green Goes With Everything.

Going green touches on many areas of our lives, and Barnett breaks these down into manageable chunks: cleaning our bodies, cleaning our homes, organic food, clean water, clean air, and clean energy. Several of the most toxic chemicals are explained in detail, with alternatives if we choose to eliminate them from our lives. The author asserts that converting to green products might be time-consuming and expensive, but ultimately will be worth it in improved health and wellness.

Although this book is a good resource for those attempting to “go green,” I felt it lacked in several places. Barnett appears to favor an all-or-nothing approach in some cases, but yet also encourages making small changes. She doesn’t address the costs of green choices, assuming we all have the budgets to make these changes simply and easily, when in reality, most of us could not afford a completely green lifestyle.

I often felt I was reading an infomercial for Shaklee, the company Barnett’s husband heads. While I admire Shaklee for producing fine quality products, I felt there should have been more of a balance in promoting other equally fine organic and non-toxic products as well – or none at all.

If you’ve ever thought about living a green lifestyle, Green Goes With Everything will provide good, solid proof of exactly why it might be a good idea to make the switch. But do your own research in finding the companies that suit you best. There are a lot of great products out there and many are as close to you as your own grocery store.

Reviewer: Alice Berger