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Hello, My Name Is Baker

bakerAuthor: Deborah J. Hall
Publisher: BunnyBud Books
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0981812144
Pages: 32
Price: $11.95

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Baker is a golden retriever with a special purpose. As a graduate of the Summit Assistance Dogs school, he has the skills to help those who are physically challenged do some of the things they find difficult.

Along with some of his friends, Baker shows us the skills that he’s learned. He can open doors, get the telephone, and carry things, as well as pick up things his person has dropped and help his person stand up.

Baker and his friends love to help people, and now they want to teach others about special dogs like them. BunnyBud Books are designed to show kids how dogs can help people with disabilities.

By using the dogs’ perspectives, these stories come alive in a more personal manner than simple instruction.  The photos are of actual dogs in action, as they demonstrate how they can help people.  Fun to read, informative, and enjoyable, BunnyBud Books are a great resource in sharing the work of these wonderful dogs who do so much good for the people they live with.

Reviewer: Alice Berger