The DreamStarter Book

Author: Jennifer Karin Sidford
Publisher: Cold Tree Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-58385-266-8
Pages: 80
Price: $12.95

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Children delight in using their imaginations, but seem to spend more and more time watching television and playing video games. One of the ways you can coax them away from pre-programmed entertainment is by using The DreamStarter Book.

This book is a collection of 50 story beginnings, designed to spark curiosity. Each story starter has a protagonist or two and a unique situation, like an open doorway to someplace mysterious, or a curious object. Once the setting is established, children are given the opportunity to take this story wherever they’d like, using their own imagination.

These story starters can be used as a replacement for the traditional bedtime story, letting the child participate in its creation. Or it could be used in a classroom setting, on long car trips, and around a campfire or the dinner table.

Using the imagination stretches the child’s ability to solve problems in other areas, since it gives them the flexibility to explore unseen options. Since this book can be used in a group setting, it also gives children a way to interact with each other in a healthy and productive manner.

The DreamStarter Book would be a wonderful addition to any child’s library.  A fun way for them to be creative, it encourages them to tap into their natural quest for adventure.  And although the author didn’t intend it as such, it’s also a great way for writers to stretch their imaginations – especially those who write for children. The story starters may not lead directly to publishable works, but they might spark some great new ideas.

Reviewer: Alice Berger