Voices: Reflections on an American Icon Through Words and Song

Author: The Choral Arts Society of Washington
Publisher: Dalmatian Press
Genre: Tribute
ISBN: 978-140373984-1
Pages: 96
Price: $24.99

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Rarely does a man have an impact on society like Martin Luther King Jr. As an acknowledgment of his achievements, the Choral Arts Society of Washington has orchestrated a collection of hymns that were loved by Dr. King, and that represent the ideals he stood for.

In addition to the music CD, this boxed set includes a book of memorable quotes that describe him and his actions. Several of his most important marches and speeches are shared by those who witnessed them and supported him in his efforts.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s tragic death cut short his mission before it was completed, but his vision continued to carry others forward in working for equality. He and his dream should never be forgotten, and Voices presents a moving tribute to a truly great American.

Reviewer: Alice Berger