fantasy, romance

The Wizard’s Daughter

wizardAuthor: Victoria Graydale
Publisher: Stargazer Press
Genre: Romance
ISBN: 0-9734940-7-7
Pages: 188
Price: $15.00

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A botched kidnapping leaves Adrian Gray with the wrong woman, and a price on his head. He has kidnapped Lady Milburga’s companion, Phaedra, rather than the lady herself. Forced to flee from his dastardly employer, he reluctantly falls in with Phaedra’s plan to bring Milburga to see the wizard – the man Phaedra suspects is her father.

As they spend time together in close quarters, Adrian and Phaedra find themselves attracted to each other. But Adrian has been burned by love before, and won’t let Phaedra have the opportunity to inflict any more pain. Phaedra’s sharp tongue is a source of misery for them both.

Danger awaits them on their journey as evil closes in on them at every turn, and an unexpected traveler turns into a most welcome guest. But when they reach the wizard, they find he knows exactly how to handle their situation, for the best of all concerned.

Delightfully warm and human, these characters are endearing in their frailties and foibles. Fantasy blended with romance and humor, The Wizard’s Daughter is a cheerful, lighthearted and uplifting romance.

Reviewer: Alice Berger