Awake at the Wheel

Author: Mitchell Lewis Ditkoff
Publisher: Morgan James
Genre: Business & Economics / Entrepreneurship
ISBN: 978-1-60037-295-7
Pages: 117
Price: $13.95

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Og has an idea. A really Big Idea. But what is he going to do about it? Awake at the Wheel shows us how Og conceives of an idea and then attempts to bring it to the tribe for acceptance.

Like many of us who’ve come up with big ideas only to have others shoot us down, Og makes some mistakes. But in the end, he presents his “wheel” to the tribe so they can all benefit from it.

This motivational book is divided into three parts. First is the humorous tale of Og and his Big Idea. Next are the things Og learned from his experience. And last is a set of tools that will guide you in your own Big Idea generation.

If you’ve got a really Big Idea already – or if you just want to come up with one right now for your business – Awake at the Wheel will show you what you need to do to get your idea “rolling.”

Mitchell Lewis Ditkoff is the founder of Idea Champions, specializing in leading creative thinking and team-building sessions. This fun and information-packed book shares some of the techniques he’s developed in his years of experience working with Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies. I highly recommend it for any business person who wants to be more creative and successful in developing new ideas.

Reviewer: Alice Berger