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Chloe Anne – Force of Nature

Author: Valerie Oblath
Publisher: Three C’s Publishing
Genre: Memoir / Cats
ISBN: 978-09800623-2-8
Pages: 148
Price: $17.00

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Meet Chloe Anne – a voluptuous, long-haired kitty. Full of curiosity and charm, she knows she’s “too beautiful for words.”

Chloe Anne begins life as Penny, before being incarcerated at the Big House, and before author Valerie Oblath adopts her. Living with her new Mom and sister, Chloe Anne never runs out of ways to amuse herself and find trouble. But despite her mischief, she’s secure in the knowledge that her Mom loves her, and she’ll never have to worry about ending up in the Big House again.

This humorous tale of Chloe Anne’s adventures is a joy to read. Even though it’s impossible to tell what a cat is really thinking, Valerie Oblath has created a convincing chat with this delightful feline. But even more than that, she shares her own warmth and devotion to the cats who share her home.

Anyone who’s ever lived with and been loved by a cat will enjoy reading this book.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

June 30, 2008 - Posted by | cats

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