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The Prometheus Project – Captured

Author: Douglas E. Richards
Publisher: DNA Press, LLC
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-933255-33-0
Pages: 160
Price: $7.95

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When Ryan and Regan Resnick first discover the Prometheus Project in Trapped, they must try to save their mother. In Captured, they face an even bigger challenge – this time they need to save the world.

When the alien race known as the Qwervy created Prometheus, they hadn’t anticipated other aliens sneaking in and using it for sinister motives. Now a brilliant alien criminal has taken over the city and has plans to take over the world. All of the adults on the team have been taken hostage, and it’s up to Ryan and Regan to outwit the alien.

In order to demonstrate the concepts the kids will need to use, the author sets the stage early before disaster strikes. But then these two exceptional kids use those concepts masterfully against the diabolical alien.

I loved Trapped, and I think Douglas E. Richards outdid himself in Captured. These are books the thinking kid will love, and a wonderful adventure. I’m eagerly awaiting the next volumes in this outstanding series.

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Reviewer: Alice Berger

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