finance, spirituality

The Giving Myths

Author: Stephen B. McSwain
Publisher: Smyth & Helwys
Genre: Christian Living / Financial Stewardship
ISBN: 978-1-57312-495-9
Pages: 248
Price: $18.00

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Stephen B. McSwain makes a bold statement – that giving will lead to the life you’ve always wanted. Although many of us have been raised with the idea that we should be generous, most of us aren’t giving nearly as much as we could. This book explores the giving myths many of us believe. Basing his opinions on years of working in church fundraising, McSwain explains why these myths persist, and why they’re false beliefs.

Quoting several passages from the Bible, he shows how churches have misinterpreted the words of Jesus and the prophets in order to coerce their congregations into giving more. When guilt tactics fail, the churches turn to encouraging members to become involved to motivate them to generosity. Other topics include the standard of tithing, and equal and fair share giving. And some folks believe they simply can’t afford to give.

But once McSwain debunks all of these myths, he reassures us that if we can look past the myths and give generously – to our church or spiritual center, and also to our favorite charities – God will grant us the life we’ve always wanted. While we may not be showered with material things, we will be given all we need, plus the peace of mind in knowing that we will always be provided for. And isn’t that all we really need, anyway?

Reviewer: Alice Berger