Sweet Georgia Brown

Author: Cheryl Robinson
Publisher: New American Library
Genre: Women’s Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-451-22228-2
Pages: 376
Price: $13.95

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Georgia Brown loves her man, Marvin, and she wants him to succeed in stand-up comedy. Although she’s forced to be the main breadwinner of their family of four, she does what she can to help him live his dream. But what she doesn’t realize is success often comes with a price.

Marvelous Marvin finally makes it, landing a lucrative position with the 102 Hitz morning show. His humorous style is a huge hit, but most of his jokes are aimed at his sweet wife. Poking fun at everything from her weight to their lovemaking, he will stop at nothing in humiliating her.

Living with Marvin’s big ego isn’t all Georgia has to contend with. She’s also forced to accept his illegitimate daughter when the girl’s mother dumps her with Georgia. And Marvin isn’t being true to his wife, and he doesn’t mind sharing his exploits with the world on his morning show.

When Sweet Georgia Brown is offered an opportunity to retaliate in her own morning show, she jumps at it. But she can’t help but be true to her own nature, no matter what the station is hoping she’ll do.

Readers will cheer for this wonderfully uplifting woman, who only wants those around her to be happy, but must finally choose her own happiness. She’s a great role model for any woman who finds herself in a situation where she’s being taken advantage of, and ultimately must say, “Enough!” Georgia finally has the courage to stand up for herself, and she does it in a positive and empowering manner. Way to go, Sweet Georgia Brown!

Reviewer: Alice Berger