Happy Hormones, Slim Belly

Happy Hormones Slim Belly
Author: Jorge Cruise
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Genre: Diet / Health
ISBN: 978-1-4019-4329-5
Pages: 288
Price: $24.95

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If you are a woman over 40, you might be facing uncontrollable carbohydrate cravings that throw any attempted diet plan right out the window. Jorge Cruise believes that these urges can be tamed following his Women’s Carb Cycling Plan. In this plan, carbs are severely restricted during some days, but allowed in moderation on others.

Using the logic from his The 100 diet program, he explains how Sugar Calories are to blame for weight gain. Under this modified plan, women are encouraged to limit these Sugar Calories to less than 100 per day, in order to lose weight. Weekly plans, recipes, and food lists are provided as tools in following the program.

While it’s certainly possible for some women to lose as much as 7 lbs in the first week, and 2 lbs/week thereafter, these bold claims on the cover of the book make me skeptical. Most diet plans recommend a safe and steady weight loss of 1-2 lbs per week. But on the plus side, the recipes included in this book don’t resemble traditional “diet” fare, and actually look yummy while also being healthy. I did not attempt to use this diet plan, so I’m not sure how reasonable or successful it would be, but there is nothing in it that looks dangerous to follow.  If you’re struggling with binge carbohydrate eating, this program might be worth looking into.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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Sleep Fat Wake Up Thin

Sleep Fat Wake Up Thin
Author: Kenn Kihiu
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Fitness / Weight Loss
ISBN: 978-1481948067
Pages: 92
Price: $11.99

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Maintaining an ideal body weight continues to be a struggle for many of us, and Kenn Kihiu has offered us his thoughts on how to do this. In Sleep Fat Wake Up Thin he presents his system of weight loss, the F.A.S.T. way.

Using this acronym, he presents a five-step system (modules) of eliminating unhealthy foods, adding more healthy foods and beverages to our diet, and changing the way we eat and think. These build on each other, eventually leading to healthy and lean bodies.

Unfortunately, this successful creator of the danceX Workout and 8020 Body has given us a lot of information we’ve seen many times before. His only divergence from standard diet advice is his presentation of fasting as part of our normal eating cycle.

If you’re already a follower of Kenn Kihiu’s programs, this book would probably be a good complement to what you’ve already learned from him. But on its own, it fails to cover enough new ground. However, if you’re interested in fasting, you may find this chapter particularly useful.

Reviewer: Alice Berger


Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

Your Natural Medicine Cabinet
Author: Burke Lennihan
Publisher: GreenHealing Press
Genre: Health
ISBN: 978-0-9834430-2-5
Pages: 248
Price: $14.95

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There are many over-the-counter remedies for common ailments, but how many of these chemicals do you feel safe taking? Have you ever wondered if there is a more natural treatment? In Your Natural Medicine Cabinet, Burke Lennihan provides a wealth of information on how to treat illness in a less toxic manner that may even work faster than the traditional remedies.

In the first section, Lennihan shows us the basics of healthy living. The easiest way to treat illness is to never get sick at all, and these suggestions work toward overall good health. But if you do get sick, the second section covers the most common ailments and how to treat them using homeopathic remedies. The last sections explain how to stock your own natural medicine cabinet. Flower essences, cell salts, herbs and combination remedies are explored, so the reader has a basic understanding of what would be best to try first.

Lennihan reminds us that these natural remedies won’t work on every illness, and there are times it is imperative to see a traditional medical doctor. But it’s possible that homeopathy will work well in conjunction with your doctor’s care. And when the smaller issues pop up, such as a bout with the flu or occasion insomnia, your natural medicine cabinet is the first place to turn. I highly recommend this book for all who want to stay healthy in a more natural way.

Reviewer: Alice Berger


Make Weight Loss Last

Make Weight Loss Last
Author: Deborah Kesten, M.P.H and Larry Scherwitz, Ph. D.
Publisher: White River Press
Genre: Health / Weight Loss
ISBN: 978-1-935052-61-6
Pages: 256
Price: $20.00

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Did you make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight this year? How is it going? If you’re like many people, you have probably struggled with your diet and maybe even given up. But have you ever explored the reasons why you’ve been unsuccessful?

In Making Weight Loss Last, authors Deborah Kesten and Larry Scherwitz explain some of the ways you might be sabotaging your weight loss efforts through the unconscious habits you follow. Do you eat alone or with others? Do you eat while also doing other things? How much satisfaction do you get from those fast food meals? Looking carefully at these and other patterns of eating can show the real reasons you’re not losing weight.

If you’re looking the latest diet or plan of eating, this book isn’t for you. But if you want to know WHY you’re continuing to struggle with your weight, Making Weight Loss Last can help. Make the decision today to change your eating patterns, and you may finally be successful at your weight loss efforts.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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Bork Reveals the Real Deal About the Facts of Life

Bork Reveals the Real Deal
Author: Terri Shearer Trenchard
Illustrator: Tracy Councill
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Boys / Health
ISBN: 9781466427846
Pages: 74
Price: $12.99

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Having a “facts of life” discussion with his parents doesn’t usually top the list of bright ideas a pre-teen boy might consider. But when whispered conversations with friends leave him wondering what’s really going on, he needs somewhere to turn for information. Bork Reveals the Real Deal About the Facts of Life can provide the answers.

Speaking in a humorous and light-hearted manner, Bork explains puberty and adolescence in a way boys can understand. Body changes, fluctuating hormones, and even “the facts of life” are covered in this all-inclusive book about growing up.

Most boys would probably rather not talk to a parent about this topic, unless they first have some basic understanding, but Bork encourages them to try. Even if they choose not to, they will have enough information to handle the many changes going on inside them.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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Is Your Hair Made of Donuts?

Author: Joy Feldman
Illustrators: Beth Slocum & Amanda Mueller
Publisher: JHF Nutritional Consulting
ISBN: 978-0-615-55515-7
Pages: 40
Price: $8.95

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Matt and Maddie have always eaten healthy food. Even though their friends have sugary snacks, their mom insists they eat food that will help their bodies grow strong. But one day she relents and lets them eat all the junk food they want.

After scarfing down piles of sugary treats, and especially lots of ooey-gooey donuts, they don’t feel well. And their dreams that evening hauntingly remind them of the many donuts they consumed. But was it really a dream, or have they contributed to their bodies using donuts as building blocks?

Kids hate to feel different, and parents who want them to eat healthy often feel pressured to conform to the norms of society. But snacks can be delicious and nutritious, and recipes for healthy treats are included at the back of this book. Is Your Hair Made of Donuts? is a funny tale reminding kids that junk food really is bad for them, and may encourage them to eat healthier.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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TurboCharged Recipes

Authors: Dian Griesel, Ph. D & Tom Griesel
Publisher: Business School of Happiness
Genre: Cooking / Health
ISBN: 978-1936705078
Pages: 268
Price: $24.95

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In TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust, a new way of eating was introduced. This diet program encourages the reader to eat proteins, fats, vegetables and fruits in new proportions. Foods with hidden sugars and processed carbohydrates should be avoided. The easiest way to follow a new plan of eating is with lots of recipes designed to fit the plan, and TurboCharged Recipes delivers just that.

This cookbook provides a basic introduction to the program, but assumes the reader has already read TurboCharged. Section headings include Beverages, Dips & Dressings, Appetizers, Soups & Stews, Salads, Vegetarian, Eggs, Fish, Meats, Poultry, and Desserts. These yummy recipes can be used by a TurboCharged dieter or anyone who follows a low carbohydrate diet.

Some of these recipes combine more than a dozen ingredients, so a well-stocked kitchen is advised. Time may also be a factor in creating some of these dishes. But if you’re serious about following the TurboCharged plan, this cookbook would be a great investment.

Reviewer: Alice Berger